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Basic information

The shelter is made from specialised stainless steel manufactured by Outokumpu Oy,
the benefits of which are:

  • Corrosion resistance in demanding underground mining conditions
  • Maintenance-free structure ensures low servicing and upkeep costs
  • No surface treatment required, thereby ensuring the shelter has no smell of paint
  • Specialised stainless steel has substantially increased resistance to pressure fluctuations compared to structural steel
  • Curved surfaces further increase the resistance to pressure variation and ensure the gastight security for the shelter
  • Life-cycle costs are low compared a painted structural steel shelter.

The oxygen required for the shelter is generated using the oxygen tanks in the entrance area. Simultaneously the shelter has an excess pressure of 0.1 bar, which prevents harmful gases and dust from accessing the shelter.

Carbon dioxide is retained at the regular level using an air purification device. Air moisture is controlled using dehumidifiers and temperature is maintained
using electrical radiators. In standby mode dust is prevented from accessing the shelter using non-return valves.

The shelter is connected to a conventional 230V electricity source. In cases of failure the systems operate using protected and maintenance-free batteries, the charge of which is maintained when connected to the mains.

The shelter is connected to the mine’s telephone and telecommunication networks. If
necessary, communication can be made using the vibrating windows without having to open the doors.